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1999: A team of supply chain gurus from Hewlett Packard started RockySoft Corporation with a focus on high tech semiconductor and circuit board manufacturing. Early customers included Allen Bradley, Flextronics, Honeywell, HP, and Rockwell Automation.

2002: With high tech manufacturing moving offshore, the business experienced a downsizing and the decision was made to pivot to distribution inventory planning - back to the drawing board. 

2005: RockySoft was launched for the distribution and manufacturing industries. Our strong manufacturing roots made way for some of our core planning functionality, relative to bill-of-material planning and capacity planning. This translated well to kitting for distributors.

2006-2010: With a rapidly increasing customer base, RockySoft matured to become a sophisticated inventory management solution meeting the needs of all types of distributors and manufacturers.

2011: RockySoft partnered with NetSuite to bring inventory planning to their cloud ERP customers.

2011: RockySoft partnered with Microsoft to bring inventory planning to Microsoft GP and Microsoft AX customers.

2014: A strategic decision was made to move to the cloud, enabling the business to develop a new offering with the latest technologies.

2015: The business was re-branded as PlanningEdge in order to represent the move to the cloud - thus, PlanningEdge 1.0 was launched.

2016: PlanningEdge 2.0 is launched and customer adoption continues to grow!


Meet the Team

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Mark Kent


Gary Jenkins

Brad Florin


Roy Manalad

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Anthony Howard

Ben Platter

VP of Customer Experience

Janet Qillaq

Eric Daniel

Supply Chain Consultant

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Account Executive

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Support Engineer

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Software Developer

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Support Engineer

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Senior Software Developer

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Account Executive

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Supply Chain Consultant