Distribution Inventory Planning

Long lead times with offshore manufacturing.
High service level requirements for key customers.
Shifting inventory between distribution centers based on changing demand.
Kitting to provide flexibility or optimize costs.

Distribution inventory planning is more challenging than ever.

PlanningEdge helps you manage these challenges while simultaneously lowering your inventory levels and increasing productivity of your planning and purchasing teams.

"I've been very impressed with the way PlanningEdge has come to the table with solutions. They've been a great, innovative company to work with."

-Don Kittmer, Director of Purchasing, Ammex, Inc.

Automate Demand Planning Functions

  • ABC & XYZ inventory classification
  • Calculation of supplier lead times
  • Calculation of safety stock
  • Forecasted demand based on historical sales, with seasonality detection

Automate Supply Replenishment

  • Suggested purchase orders
  • Work orders for kitting
  • Transfer orders

You Turn the Dials

  • Forecast by item/location or item/customer
  • Service level by inventory classification
  • Exclude exceptional demand with events (aka promotions) by customer or by order
  • Set vendor minimums by order or by item 

The Result?

  • Reduced inventory
  • Reduced stock outs on high service level items
  • Exception-based review substantially increases productivity for planners and buyers
  • Forecast change audit report so you know who changed the forecast, when, and by how much
  • More informed discussions with vendors with scorecards based on actuals

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