Monitor the Performance of your Vendors


Supply Planning

Hold your vendors accountable by keeping track of their service levels

Supply Planning helps support your desired levels of inventory by tracking the performance metrics of your supply chain. Through vendor performance tracking, you can view actual receipts from suppliers to track the timeliness of deliveries, ensuring customer service level goals are met without overstocking inventory. 

Using the Supply Planner, you can track vendors are adhering to their lead-time statements, using data provided by your ERP system to assess a given vendor's PO and receipt history. You can weigh receipts based on what percent of requested product was on a given receipt. This gives you an accurate picture of how often your vendor delivers all of your product on time, not just small amounts of it. 

Experience benefits such as:

  • Improved future negotiations by leveraging supplier performance data
  • Improved buyer productivity by having vendor delivery performance information readily available 
  • Increased supply assurance by automatically incorporating  'safety time'
  • Statistical analysis and monitoring of individual item lead time
  • View your data in a histogram format

Itemize and track your vendor history through Vendor Scorecard.