Order Effectively

Automate inventory forecasts with data and statistical modeling. Support multiple locations, vendors, and components simultaneously.

Eliminate Stock-Outs

Effectively anticipate demand and keep warehouses properly stocked using inventory classes, statistical modeling, and advanced replenishment rules.

Reduce Excess Inventory

Recover capital tied up in excess inventory by strategically purchasing only what you need, and closely monitoring items with excessive stock.

Post implementation, the cross-functional teams like sales, operations, and purchasing are better coordinated and more satisfied. Having every department looking at the same data has taken some of the mystery out of our inventory management for non-procurement groups. As a result, managers of those groups have started to evaluate their processes and communication which leads to better overall outcomes.

- Michael Harris, Chief Operating Officer

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We Integrate Seamlessly with the Leading ERPs

PlanningEdge integrates with any modern ERP using industry best practices. No modification to your existing ERP ensures a zero-risk implementation.

PlanningEdge is used by some of the world’s most recognized brands

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