The Top 5 Company Booths at SuiteWorld 2018 (And How They Stole the Show)

The theme for this year’s SuiteWorld 2018 in Las Vegas was Ready, Set, Grow. If we’ve learned anything in the digital age, it’s that starting a business is easier than ever.

However, growing and scaling remain a challenge for most. Many companies lack the systems and processes they need to be able to have sustainable growth. Their systems often still don’t talk to each other, making the processes within their organization fragmented.

At SuiteWorld, attendees saw firsthand how AI is the future of growth as more systems will become integrated, enabling processes to run smoother across an entire enterprise.

While we were crazy busy with lots of customer demos at our booth, of course, we made sure to set aside plenty of time to walk the floor at the expo hall to do some networking with other NetSuite partners and to see the creativity they put into their booths.

If you’ve ever been to SuiteWorld, you know just how hard it is to create a booth that stands out from the crowd.

Out of the hundreds of booths, we identified five companies that stood out for us. Here’s what we loved about their booths and how they are helping companies scale with their innovative solutions.


This company’s incredible technology blows away offerings from traditional video and marketing companies. nFusz offers fully interactive videos that can be used for sales and education.

We fell in love with nFusz’s technology because of the way it can be used to convey customer success stories in a visually engaging format. A customer with more knowledge going into the sales process is always better. The other aspect from a PlanningEdge perspective is an interactive demo.

It’s much more engaging than a webinar, plus it’s easier to maintain than a live proof-of-concept environment. nFusz’s booth met the physical constraints of SuiteWorld, 10×10, white with company logo, but where it stood out was its interactive tech that amazed. People did not just talk to you at this booth; they let you test and play with their software. 

The engaging tech at their booth did all the selling! Live demos that include interaction with your company’s tech are one of the best ways to engage an audience at SuiteWorld.


Known as the leader in automated bill payments, AvidXchange is a fully automated AP department without having to give up any control. AvidXchange is an excellent representation of the advanced automation that is now possible with a NetSuite backend.

AvidXchange’s booth had a full staff of impressive technical resources on hand to show off its software live at the expo. I loved how its booth was the color of money, green! As they say, money solves problems in business.

AvidXchange’s on-demand automated AP software will make your company money by getting rid of the bottlenecks in this area that are preventing growth, whether it’s software, personnel, or processes.


This company has incredible technology and an inspiring story. Inspirria software helps manufacturing customers integrate new technologies into their business. It is a global company, and some of its technologies boast just a six-week implementation time, which is perfect for companies that are growing NOW!

With many of the companies at SuiteWorld, it is critical to spend time visiting each booth as there are many hidden gems at the show every year.

Inspirria’s team was knowledgeable and highly enthusiastic, with the right amount of staff at their booth. If you’ve ever attended a tech show for the first time, you know that having the right amount of staff at your booth can either make or break the event for your company.

Inspirria was our hidden gem this year! Did you have a hidden gem at SuiteWorld this year?


Tribridge’s list of technologies it works with are secondary to its core mission, which is to make customers successful. At a conference like this, we can often get swamped with a sea of tech specs, but ultimately all of those in the ERP space need to ask if the project and the solution behind it make the customer successful. Tribridge understands this.

Its booth had a very strategic spot by the main walkway and near the working/relaxation areas. Just like with any real estate, whether it’s a house on a corner lot or a space at a tech show, it’s all about location, location, location. Tribridge wins our top location award for its booth.


Recently acquired by Edie Baily, Truecloud has always been the go-to for many U.S.-based companies looking for NetSuite Solutions. Its ERP, CRM, E-commerce, and PSA consulting practices led it to become a top partner for NetSuite.

Truecloud’s team members stood out with their striking branded blue shirts. Having a team uniform that presents a cohesive team at the show enhances your credibility with prospects.

Truecould’s team also gave some of the best presentations of any that we saw at the show. The team did a phenomenal job both attracting and retaining the attention of a live audience.

Well, it was another great year at SuiteWorld! We hope that your company was able to make the partnerships you need to be able scale up your business.

A huge thank-you to everyone who stopped by our booth. And if we missed you this year, we hope to see you next year!


Posted on: May 3, 2018