Automated Inventory Planning

Free up time to focus on vital business operations.

PlanningEdge saves you time and reduces errors by automating inventory planning and integrating directly with your ERP. Our automation works by building a statistical model of inventory demand based on your historical sales data. Using this model, PlanningEdge forecasts future inventory demands across your organization and uses this data to automate replenishment and suggest the optimal order quantities based on custom goals set by your organization.


Automated Inventory Planning Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce forecasting errors with seamless ERP integration (learn more about ERP integrations)
  • Spend less time validating data and more time on business operations
  • Allow integrated order generation across multiple locations and vendors simultaneously
  • Purchase only what is needed while improving service levels
  • Automatically identify items in excess or soon to be in excess
  • Achieve higher service levels through dynamic inventory classing
  • Complete replenishment in line with company goals
  • Generate more sales by better anticipating demand and properly stocking warehouses to meet demand
  • Get notifications of various high priority issues including stock-outs, excess, forecast error, and lead time variations
  • Set goals and automate a plan to achieve them (multidimensional ABC classing)


Organizations that utilize our inventory planning solution experience:

  • 3-5% Revenue & Profit Increases – via reduced stock-outs and increased customer satisfaction
  • 10-30% Inventory Reductions – reducing costs significantly
  • Quicker Inventory Turns – considerably improving profitability
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – with automated service levels that help avoid stock-outs and lost sales
  • Decreased Stock Outs, Overstocks, and Lost Sales – decreased costs and increased sales volume
  • Increased Employee Productivity – 50-70% increase through process automation
  • Better Critical Decision Support – by adding an automated system that helps meet demanding unit, revenue, and profit goals

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