Integrate Data Analytics

Gain insight into your supply chain with easy integrations and custom reporting.

PlanningEdge allows easy integration and data sharing with reporting ecosystems and business intelligence tools you are already using for supply chain management. Our plug and play integration feature allows a full range of custom queries, reports, and dashboards to utilize PlanningEdge data, keeping your valuable business data up to date.

Data Analytics Integration Features and Benefits:

  • Easily Accessible. Plug and play integration into third-party tools allows limitless possibilities to manipulate and display data.
  • Custom Queries. Use custom SQL queries to pull data using MySQL Workbench, SQL Server Management Studio, and more.
  • Custom Reports. Easily create reports using popular tools such as Excel, Crystal Reports, dbForge Studio, and more.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards. Create interactive dashboards that provide valuable insights into your business with tools such as Power BI, Zoho Reports, JReport, Sisense, and more.

Our team is ready to help you understand how data from the PlanningEdge software can be easily integrated and utilized in your existing reporting ecosystem, no matter your tools – get in touch today!

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