Vendor Scorecard

Gain valuable insights into vendor sales performance.

Understanding vendor’ performance can help you make important ordering and business decisions. PlanningEdge’s Vendor Scorecard feature allows you to track and analyze vendor performance over time based on historical receipt data. Get a graphical review of on time, early, or late deliveries – this visual can help guide decisions around safety stock levels, and help you make decisions on what to change and whether to continue doing business with underperforming vendors.

Vendor Scorecard Features and Benefits:

  • Track performance. Rank vendors by on time, early, and late percentages based off vendor receipts.
  • Track lead time. Lead time is dynamically calculated from historical receipt data.
  • Strengthen Vendor Relationships. Identify top performers or spot issues early, so you can discuss with your vendors.

Our team is ready to help you track and understand vendor sales performance with PlanningEdge’s Vendor Scorecard – get in touch today!

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