Get more efficient distribution and supply chain management through automated inventory solutions.


If a core aspect of your job or business is mastering the intricacies of distribution, then you likely face inventory challenges every day including visibility, coordination and balance between locations, accurate demand forecasting, on time purchasing, and meeting customer expectations

Getting the right processes and tools in place can make your distribution challenges simpler to handle. Specifically, an effective inventory management program will give your organization strategic advantages over competitors and improve profitability. Automated inventory management will improve your day to day workflow by removing unnecessary, time consuming work, and instead allow you to focus on supplier relations, security, and other important aspects of the supply chain.

PlanningEdge is an automated inventory management solution that brings advanced statistical modeling and data to your decisions regarding safety stock levels, inventory budgets, turnover, and purchasing procedures. Utilizing software to help you make important decisions will also increase your confidence and reduce problems caused by human error. If you’re currently just using ERP software to manage your manufacturing inventory, the PlanningEdge inventory optimization software can easily integrate with your existing system, and help streamline and revolutionize your processes.


Learn more about the advanced features PlanningEdge provides for distributors:

  • Suggested transfers. Systematically highlight opportunities to transfer inventory to where it is needed most before buying from a vendor.
  • Balance inventory. Simultaneously identify excess inventory and avoid stock-outs while exceeding customer service levels.
  • Complex distribution networks. Fulfill central warehouses then distribute inventory to regional locations with multi-location and hub-spoke capabilities.

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