Get accurate and optimized inventory across Bill of Materials through automated inventory solutions.


Understanding and mastering inventory management is critical to the success of any manufacturing operation. If you help manage inventory and demand forecasting in a manufacturing environment, you are constantly fighting against bloated inventory and trying to meet customer demand, while also juggling vendor relationships. Manual inventory systems and ERP software can help, but as complexity increases, an automated inventory management system will dramatically improve your workflow.

PlanningEdge’s advanced inventory software can help reduce excess inventory, give you full inventory visibility, and help you do your job faster and more accurately.

Our automated inventory management software integrates directly with your ERP and uses your historical data and statistical analysis to forecast demand at any level of your Bill of Materials, from raw materials to finished goods. Adopting optimization software will also help you meet production requirements by optimizing material levels.


Learn more about the advanced features PlanningEdge provides for manufacturers:

  • Bill of Materials. Plan across all levels of materials with BoM explosion (Finished goods, Sub-assemblies, Components).
  • Order policies. Forecast component inventory levels to fulfill finished good demand or in response to customer orders.
  • BoM visualization. Tabular and graphical representation of BoM hierarchy allows tracking of both independent and dependent demand.

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