NetSuite Integration

Seamlessly Integrate Automated Inventory Optimization with Netsuite ERP

Enhance your inventory management capabilities in Netsuite ERP with PlanningEdge’s automated inventory optimization software. It’s the easiest and most advanced solution available, and it integrates directly with Netsuite. Our software extends Netsuite’s native capabilities by adding functionality that allows more precision, visibility, and control over inventory.

PlanningEdge is Built-For-NetSuite certified software, which means that it’s easily implemented with an out-of-the-box integration. Implementing PlanningEdge allows you to immediately realize the benefits of a dedicated inventory management system including inventory reduction, decreased stock outs, and more.


Inventory benefits of integrating PlanningEdge into Netsuite:

  • The Automated Demand Forecast Module programmatically downloads the prior 3 years of historical SKU data directly from the NetSuite ERP using a SuiteBundle interface (pre-integrated software) for analysis
  • 3-5% Revenue & Profit Increase – via reduced stock-outs and increased customer satisfaction
  • 10-30% Inventory Reduction – reduces costs significantly
  • Quicker Inventory Turns – considerably improves profitability
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – automates service levels to avoid stock-outs that cause lost sales
  • Decreased Stock Outs, Overstocks, and Lost Sales – decreases costs and increases sales volume
  • Increased Employee Productivity – 50-70% productivity increase through process automation
  • Critical Decision Support – our automated system helps you meet demanding unit, revenue, and profit goals


Top to bottom, I can’t think of one weak link in the chain at PlanningEdge.The capabilities of their Inventory Management solution and the experience of their staff far exceeded my expectations, and make my job much easier.

- George Haddow, Operations Manager
Connolly Music Co.

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